Athletes career

For a management approach geared towards excellence.

Our main mission is to accompany our drivers to the high level of excellence now more than ever required to succeed in sports.

Good Design
Good Design

Our core mission

  • Logistic support
  • Contracts optimisation through detection & negotiation
  • Legal protection
  • Patrimony consulting

Our additional contribution

  • Image development
  • Website & visual identity
  • Video content
  • Community management & press relations

Our extra vision

  • Building experiences
  • Sharing the emotions
  • Defending values
  • Making sports interact
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        How We         Work

“We accompany athletes & tailor our methods to their specific needs.”

“Having been a football players gives me the motivation to overcome the missing points i faced in terms of management.”

Idriss Messaoudi
Football director

“The professional approach and experience behind triple a will offer a career building foundation beyond sport and allow riders to focus on competition.”

Mick Doohan
Moto director

“Simulation is a great working tool, close to reality and with real sensations. The interaction between two connected simulators and the presence of a coach are a major asset in the development of the driving techniques.”

Aurelien Panis
Coaching director